10 Sexy man in the Moment the eyes of Women

Men are indeed often considered messy, less neatly, or no matter the appearance, by most women. However, men are still considered sexy, especially at moments that are often considered "normal".

1. After a bath

There is something that looks very sexy when a guy just got out of the shower. Moreover, if still wearing towels twirled in the waist. The fragrance of the SOAP men combined with the condition of the nearly naked men making it look appear sexy and cool in the eyes of women.

2. While holding the baby

Actually, when holding anything small and charming as the baby, the man would look sexy in the eyes of women. Smart man, the baby will look cool, especially for women who did have a baby.

The results of studies in France said that the man who was seen playing with young children, three times easier to get a woman's phone number on it. Instead, the man who was to be stoic in infants and toddlers tend to be snubbed by the women.

3. All of a sudden shows of affection via touch

For example, when the man suddenly appeared on the back and give you a little massage in the shoulder when the woman in front of a computer or a small hug while women are cooking. Affection in physical form it makes women feel desirable.

4. When doing homework

When you help homework without being asked, you'll look sexy in the eyes of your partner. A new study recently found that the wife considers the men who love to help conduct domestic affairs as a sign of love and attention. The initiative also makes women's stress is reduced, which means it probably has a lot more energy to make love. So grab a broom and start working!
10 Sexy man in the Moment the eyes of Women

5. The moment of eye contact

When men make eye contact with women, they will feel cared for, respected and have a connection. Eye contact, though brief, indicates the confidence of a man and a man who is more confident of course also would look sexy.

6. When scroll long sleeve

When the man let go of the buttons on the ends of long arms and began to roll up when wanted to do something (except scrapping), it means You are already preparing. It is an interesting thing to women.

7. When fixing something

If when men help fix a troubled colleague laptop or half a body man is under the car with the equipment on the side, he will be considered attractive because of its great concentrate to solve a problem. Men's lightweight hand it would look more cool and sexy when you do it for the women.

8. When cooking

The man who was holding the reins of the kitchen can make a woman smile. It's not just the taste of Your dishes can be sampled, as well as women will feel well taken care of by men because of his food.

9. When grilling

In fact almost the same as cooking, but this is better. The man who could bake time of garden parties or events outside the room, looks attractive in the eyes of women. Calm down, they will not deal with the smell of smoke in your body.

10. Time to be friendly

The friendly attitude to others, especially on the less noted, for example, a waiter or parking, will create Your radiated kindness. The women also like it because it indicates You are soft and warm person on it.

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