10 Habits That Ruin Your Kidneys

The kidneys have a very important role, in which its function is to extract the toxic metabolic outcome in urine bentk. And of the many functions, the main one is filtration or blood filtering.

In addition, the kidneys will also keep the fluid balance in our body and regulate the electrolyte balance. When the kidneys fail to remove toxins from the body, it will affect the kidney and its function. The body also begins to swell.

10 Habits That Ruin Your Kidneys

When these conditions are not treated, this leads to kidney failure, where the only option is a kidney transplant. We must be careful with what we eat, because it will affect the kidneys.

Therefore, the potential activity that can cause kidney damage should be avoided as much as possible. Here are ten things to avoid to prevent kidney damage.

1. Less Drinking

Water intake has proven to be a panacea for many problems, and one of them is for good kidney health. The balanced fluid in the body, will be able to get rid of unwanted toxins and sodium. Make sure you drink 8 glasses of water or 2 liter equivalent from now.

2. Excessive Meat Consumption

Animal proteins produce high amounts of acid that are very harmful to the kidneys when processed, which can lead to a condition called acidosis (where the kidneys can not get rid of excess acid efficiently). Animal protein must always be balanced with the intake of green vegetables and fresh fruit.

3. Smoking

Generally, smoking is associated with lung or heart damage. But it also affects the health of your kidneys. This is because, smoking causes a lot of protein in the urine, which can affect kidney health.

4. Alcohol

As much alcohol as you drink, it increases the likelihood of developing chronic kidney disease. Plus, the combination of tobacco and alcohol will increase the same odds by up to fivefold.

5. Processed Food

Higher minerals such as phosphorus and sodium in processed foods, will be directly harmful to the kidneys. This will affect the ability of the kidneys to maintain fluid and electrolyte balance.

6. Lack of Sleep

For reasons, we have to say sleep ultimately disrupts sleep quality including our lengthy rest. As a general recommendation, one should sleep soundly 6 to 8 hours for the body to be refreshed. Lack of sleep will lead to kidney degeneration, increased blood pressure and decreased health.

7. Overdose of Salt

Salt is full of sodium and high sodium intake can directly cause high blood pressure. The blood filter then becomes dysfunctional, and gradually degrades the kidneys as well.

8. Many Sugar Consumption

Excess sugar can cause an increase in blood pressure and diabetes, which will directly affect kidney function.

9. Lack of Sports

Exercise has a positive effect on the human body. Similarly for your kidneys, exercise will help get rid of toxins and regulate fluid balance throughout the system by increasing metabolism and strength.

10. Delaying Urinating

Often, we feel the urge to urinate while working or completing a task but often we hold it. And sometimes for hours. This is one of the most horrific things to avoid, because it can lead to kidney failure.