10 Famous Haunted Roads in Indonesia

You'll definitely never right to hear about the haunted streets often take some casualties? Maybe some of you consider the story was fabricated because traffic accidents generally occur due to pure human error. Whether it's a sleepy driver, did not obey the rules of the road, or to lack of maintenance on the vehicle used.

However, there are also people who believe if the accident was caused by spirits. Yes, they claim some of the streets in Indonesia that there are ghosts. If not, why accidents always happen in the same streets? Strange isn't it? Some of the witnesses ever claimed to have ever seen ghost sightings there.

Ouch, yes also cringe if that's real! Then, the streets wherever the heck get predicate armature? Check out the list below!!

1. Highway Cipularang KM 90—100

10 Famous Haunted Roads in Indonesia

Often an accident death toll road connecting Bandung and Purwakarta Regency. According to locals, the accident occurred because of the "caretaker" angry to parties who have close access to pilgrims to their historical sites around Mount Hejo.

Although there is already a scientific explanation of the related cause of accidents, people continue to believe that a line is indeed a place of supernatural creatures.

2. Cadas Pangeran, Sumedang, West Java

10 Famous Haunted Roads in Indonesia

"Cadas Pangeran" has a dark history in the past. Yes, the street was built during the reign of Daendels and many natives are deployed as forced workers. It is located on the edge of a cliff with a deep chasm, not a few swallows of casualties from among the workers. This is what causes the armature.

In addition, many events freak out the reason that often occurs in the street like a shadow of the man who crossed all of a sudden, the car engine suddenly died, until the appearance of the victims of the accident around the bend.

3. Tanjakan Pengantin, Garut, West Java

10 Famous Haunted Roads in Indonesia

The street is located on the lip of the mountain or Hill with sharp turns and fog often descends. However, the local population felt it was not the cause of the accident often happened there. Allegedly, this road is named "Tanjakan Pengantin" because the victims of accidents are mostly groups of bride and groom. Even the locals refer to this road as "Resembles the dead"! Whoa, how horrified Yes

4. The tunnel Casablanca

10 Famous Haunted Roads in Indonesia

The tunnel is on the road on this East Jakarta Basuki Rahmat until the ever contrived film, why, because of the ghostlike. This tunnel was built on the burial ground. Allegedly, many drivers who see figure Granny or beautiful woman suddenly crossed the road.

This is what causes motorists or car swerve and crashed into the perimeter road. Well, if it's worth here's passing motorists honk hide let baseball be disturbed.

5. Bridge "Semanggi"

10 Famous Haunted Roads in Indonesia10 Famous Haunted Roads in Indonesia10 Famous Haunted Roads in Indonesia

It's also baseball lose creepy from the Casablanca Tunnel built on the grave. Because of the often invisible victims of tragedy appearance of Clover in the year 1998. HII, spooky!

6. Tanjakan Emen, Subang, West Java

10 Famous Haunted Roads in Indonesia

According to a myth in circulation, an intrepid driver named "Emen" often pass through the highway — Bandung Subang in 1960 's. Yes, the streets deserted, yet gripping as many as now. But no luck, the "Emen" had an accident in the area of Ciater. His car overturned and he is burned alive inside it. Allegedly, the ghosts of "Emen" Haunted interfere with the driver's pass. The brakes suddenly brake failure or cars that could not be controlled is considered as the Act of "Emen".

To avoid things mystical, road users throw a cigarette as it passes through the road.

7. The path of Tongkeng, Bandung, West Java

10 Famous Haunted Roads in Indonesia

Bandung residents might be familiar with the streets of this one. Anyone who passed this way over 11 nights, hmm, get ready mentally. Because the appearance of the ghost of a headless Netherlands soldiers are often seen. He said, if you blow the whistle nights there, the ghost would haunt you asking for his head.

8. Alas Roban

10 Famous Haunted Roads in Indonesia

The scenery along the way "Alas Roban" is indeed beautiful and shady. But be careful with the famous bend the armature. Yes, according to pengakuani road users, they've seen an old granny and soldier headless Netherlands appeared on the road. The accident that ever happened ever caused the driver sees a stall in front of him, but it's the abyss. Heeey!

9. Bend Amoy, Deli Serdang, North Sumatera

10 Famous Haunted Roads in Indonesia

In 1970, a Chinese woman's car crashed into a ravine. After his death, many events happen such as reasonable baseball car suddenly broke down or there is a figure of the women wear cheongsam sitting behind a motorcycle or the back seat of the car.

10. Bridge of the fortress, West Kalimantan

10 Famous Haunted Roads in Indonesia

According to the recognition of road users, they often see a ghostly figure hovering while dragging a coffin with a chain. After the appearance of Pontianak (folklore) bring the coffin, next there must have been an accident. And that much so the victims were motorists. Cautiously Yes guys, if it happens to be passing. The story of the haunted bridge above proves that a human baseball live alone.